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"The more you travel, the larger your horizons become."

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05-Aug-06 (D+8 cont'd)

This is the start of it all -- the very beginning of the Mighty Mississippi! Though many debated the true headwaters of the Mississippi during the 19th century, geologists and naturalists agreed that Dr. Schoolcraft's discovery (with the help of an Ojibwe guide) is indeed the true start of the Mississippi river.  In fact, the name "Itasca" is a combination of the Latin words for truth (veritas) and head (caput).

Shelby reports from Lake Itasca (3.6MB .avi video file), 1,475 feet above sea level and 2,500 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.  A drop of rain here would take 90 days to reach the end of the river.

2006-08-06 14:24:12 GMT
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