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20-Jun-2006 (D-38)
Adventures in air travel... Renee ended up experiencing nearly every inconvenience that befalls the traveler on her weekend jaunt to San Diego. Consider:

1. Paying Northwest Airlines extra for an "exit row aisle seat" to San Diego, only to discover that plane's layout differed from the web layout;

2. Reserving a Mustang at Budget Rent-a-Car, with two on the lot, but to be told they we "reserved" for someone else -- and being given a smaller car at the same rate;

3. Barely making the return flight due to a 45-min shuttle ride from the rental car return, losing the aisle seat for a middle seat between two guys who believed they had 100% sovereignty over the armrests;

4. Arriving early in Detroit for a connection that was 3-1/2 hours LATE (landing at Norfolk after 1:30AM);

5. And, demonstrating new lows in *ineffectiveness*, having Northwest Airlines lose her gate-checked luggage on the return trip.

What an adventure.....
2006-06-20 16:03:35 GMT
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