GLAD '06

Great Lakes Adventure Drive

"The more you travel, the larger your horizons become."

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01-Aug-06 (D+4/Mile 1,810)

We arrived in Ottawa just before 1pm EDT, where we met up with our good friends Tony and Linda Battista, and their daughter Tanya.  Tony is a Colonel in the Canadian Air Force who recently served as Forces Canada's liaison to U.S. Joint Forces Command -- and who is moving to Berlin to become a defense attaché to the Canadian diplomatic missions in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Lichtenstein.  Tony provided a tour of Parliament Hill, a short walk from our hotel, and took this photo of Family Deichman before the Center Building of Parliament and the "Peace Tower".  The kids got to see "Cat Parliament" -- a home for stray cats near the cliffs behind the Center Building overlooking the Ottawa River.

2006-08-01 20:12:53 GMT
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